My name is Alex, but people generally call me Millsy. I wanted to start a blog just because I thought it might be cool to keep track of my thoughts/state of mind at a particular time. However, it’ll probably end up being not-so-serious given I feel a bit uncomfortable putting my innermost feelings up on the internet. Plus, when I had a Live Journal it got pretty cringe worthy to read, so maybe I’ll end up more just posting daft crap that makes me laugh.

I live in London. I play guitar in a punk/hardcore band called Keeping Scores…we played various awesome shows, begun to build up a name for ourselves and then took a break and we’re sort of getting back on our feet again. We have a demo ep you can download online but I’d prefer you just watched us live as the songs on it are fairly old and the ones we do play sound a bit heavier and better now.

I also support Ipswich Town and generally live for good times with good friends and it frustrates me that I have so many wicked amigos based all over the country as opposed to being in some sort of super metropolis.

I over analyse things and can be very self critical, and seemingly drink unlimited cups of tea. I’m also at odds with this blog as one pet peeve is people who talk about themselves all the time with a sense of self-importance, the types who you’ll have a conversation with and will talk about themselves for ages but never bother to ask you how your day has been. But I’m enjoying my little rambles so far so it’s all good.


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