Music is dead

February 21, 2010 at 6:00 pm (Uncategorized)

Well, productive 2 months on here hasn’t it?

Truth be told, 2010’s been a fucking grand year so far. Had a fantastic fake-birthday party of karaoke in Holborn where so many good friends came down and lots of people said it was the best night out they’ve had in ages. Been to some great shows – The Hope Conspiracy stands out but among that also seen Crime In Stereo, Living Nightmare, Break The Habit, Alkaline Trio (in the bloody Underworld!)…in fact I’ve virtually lost count. Discovered a great venue in Stoke Newington only a ten minute drive (or 45 min bus ride) away and KScores played our first shows of 2010 – supporting Nothington in Kingston and a headline show in Bury St Edmunds which was wild.

I’ve been working out a lot this year, really aiming to get back in the fitness regime and get motivation. I just love it, it helps me deal with any stress and helps me forget about shit that’s bothering me and if who doesn’t like staying in shape. Aiming to get close to a 6 pack by the summer really. Just want that CK underwear model type body really.

But yeah, busy busy but in a good way. Means I’ve neglected this and not really paid enough attention. I’ll still keep this going but sporadically – I’m also gonna use tumblr cos basically I keep posting funny music videos of dodgy bands on youtube my mate suggested I started a blog…so I did


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