Why I love being in a hardcore band

December 18, 2009 at 3:15 pm (Musical, Musings on life)

Lots happenin’ since the last uppy d’s….

So Tuesday 8th was the ‘comeback’ gig for Keeping Scores – our first show for 6 months after taking a much needed break, playing the Purple Turtle in Camden with Ruiner, TRC, Our Time Down Here & Santa Karla. It really couldn’t have gone much better, which was such a relief. We were offered the show when still sorta newly active and we weren’t sure how ready we’d be what with all but Mike going on holiday at different points leading up to the show. But the line-up was too good to turn down and we decided to take the risk….and in the end played a decent set to a virtually full room and won over many new friends. Couldn’t have gone much better!

But the main point of this post was more about how great the overall evening was regardless of the quality of our performance, and just how it reminded me how much fun it is being in a DIY hardcore band. The vibe was just perfect, and when you consider how different us &OTDH sound compared to Ruiner, TRC and Santa Karla, you’ve got 5 completely different sounding bands there and yet everyone was polite and watched all the bands and remained open minded, something I feared wouldn’t happen. Everyone – bands and crowd, were commenting on how good this was and Liam did truly pull a fantastic show out of the bag.


I then went on to have a bit of a rant about how much I love the DIY culture that’s in punk/hardcore/emo and that for me
the fun for this show was getting to hang with close friends in OTDH, share a stage with a band who are big inspiration, make new friends with the other bands and audience members – blah blah blah.

I then rambled on about bands from the other side of the coin – pop-rock/punk and indie bands who have their hearts set on ‘making it’ and how I personally couldn’t enjoy being part of that. However, I had this saved in my draftbox for ages as I couldn’t find a way of expressing this without it coming across as horribly smug and preachy.

I then went on to discuss the things that are a bit problematic to the hardcore/punk scene – dishonest, trendhopping bands, kids who follow a particular dress code and wear t shirts of bands that they don’t bother to watch when they actually play their city etc etc. It was similarly cheesy and cringe-worthy, so I deleted it. However I still wanted to reference these thoughts here.

The point of it was not intended to be all preachy and that, it was simply to express how whilst I don’t believe my band are the dogs bollocks, amazing musicians or anything, I’m quite proud of the fact that we’re 100% honest and overall promote a good, posi vibe. I just couldn’t find a way of expressing this without sounding like a bit of a twat.

It would be nice if more of these afformentioned kids actually recieved this message, and MUCH more importantly listened some of our superior peers who make incredible, bullshit free music, as well as bands who influenced us, in the hope that they may rediscover the good points about hardcore, or something. So I’m really hoping we play some more shows, meet new people, and take the band to the next level in 2010. For those reasons, rather than selfish ones.


Love this one. It looks quite intense.

I always look like a total bellend in live shots but this is fairly decent.


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