December 6, 2009 at 2:58 pm (Uncategorized)

Pretty chilled Saturday night of boozing avec Mike, Pooke and Miniberry but the highlight involved discussing how fucking awesome pop music has been in 2009, cos let’s face it it has been brilliant.

I’ve got my list of best ‘proper’ releases for this year (albeit not as comprehensive as my Albums of the Decade thing) but what I’ll mostly remember 09 for is just how many wicked pop releases there were …either for comedy value or just genuine awesomeness! Here’s some of the finest.

Jason Derulo – ‘Whatcha Say’

The best pop song of the year. Brilliant.

Kei$ha – ‘Tik Tok’

She’s a bit of a babe and loves getting absolutely smashed – what’s not to like? Add an incredible amount of autotune and we’re onto a winner. Will be HUGE in 2010.

N-Dubz – ‘Playing With Fire’

You either get N-Dubz or you don’t. It took me a while but I’m there. Dappy’s appearance on Never Mind The Buzzcocks probably helped. And the girl is blates utter filth…

Backstreet Boys – ‘Straight Through My Heart’

What a spectacular return to form from the finest boyband to date.

Cascada – ‘Evacuate The Dancefloor’

The number of times myself and a bunch of dudes in their 20s mostly involved in the DIY punk scene start singing and dancing with girly voices along to this song when we see it on ‘The Hits’ is worrying.

50 Cent – ‘Baby By Me’

Two reasons 1) Ne-Yo is the man 2) 50 Cent in a grandad jumper = the greatest image ever.

Justin Bieber – ‘One Time’

This is ridiculous – it’s Lil Chris becoming EVEN YOUNGER and getting all r&b sensation on us! The actual song is actually damn catchy as well, and the fact that he refers to his lady as ‘shortie’ is just fantastic.


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  1. danyelland said,

    Brilliant stuff; I’m talking pedicures on our toes toes. Trying on all our clothes clothes. Boys blowing up our phones phones.

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