lol que?

November 27, 2009 at 9:00 pm (Uncategorized)

This made me seriously crack up.

Obviously not because I think casual homophobia is cool or anything…. it just they way they chant it sounds so bloody funny. It’s like in Shaun of the Dead when Ed goes ‘alright gayyyyyyyyy’ and it’s brilliant.

Fucking hell, 70 hits from my ‘albums of the decade’ post in one day. 50 in another – Srs business. The general public needs to see it though, and if it gets kids to check out some good bands as opposed to all the shit that’s getting coverage right now then the World will be a better place. But still, sorta wierded out that any Tom, Dick or Harry could be reading this blog now.

But to contradict myself being wierded out by it all, I might as well have another personal/meaningful bit to talk about whilst I’m here. Went to Leeds at the weekend to see the nonces and had a top time as always. I seriously miss it, though think it may simply be a ‘grass is greener’ scenario. I dunno, perhaps that’s for another blog.

What felt most significant to me was the road trip up/back in the company of Chaddock and Murta, simply because of the company and conversation we had. I dunno, sometimes I find that in London life is so busy and hectic that in my social circle we never really have the time to properly TALK about how we are. Either that, or some people just don’t care beyond a superficial level of gossip / banter concerning ‘who hooked up with who’ or what boozing related activity people are up to at the weekend… I often wonder whether people actually care about how you’re feeling about things, and if you were going through serious problems who would be the ones to show serious concern. If that makes any sense..

Obviously it was brilliant to catch up with the Leeds friends, but just having the time to sit for a few hours in my trusty Peugeot, dropping the ladz facade that quite a few of us are guilty of doing, and having a proper heart-to-heart chat about things that actually matter with two of my nearest and dearest was awesome, particularly as we’ve all been in somewhat headfuckery situations of late (some more serious than others). You can’t really do that in a pub or with a large group of people, especially as like I’ve said it, it feels like some people wouldn’t care, and it was the sort of thing where you can only talk about life in such detail when you’re doing something like camping or one of those one-off occasions where you feel inspired to seriously go into great detail about matters at heart.

In the city itself stupid amounts of drinking was done at a cost of next to nothing. Boozing at Rich’s flat (another point of Leeds – amazing flats at stupidly cheap prices), Cockpit AND Juvi (we had to sample both). Fantastic night. We literally spent ALL of Sunday in the Dry Dock just hanging out. I miss that pub so much, it’s my favourite. That’s the great thing about Leeds – people are all so close that you can easily pick a pub and spend ages there hanging out. That’s really not something you can get in London where one person’s local is another’s 45 minute trek on the tube. But yeah, top weekend.

This weekend I’ll try sort out my guitar among other things and get proper ready for the return of the Scores. I’m quietly confident, we can all remember the old shiz and we reworked some stuff too so we’ll have a fairly solid set we can work on for future gigs. Gonna try out a couple of different clubs too, just cos I’m bored to death of what the ones I’ve been to have to offer. Same music, same people, snoozefest.

Right, ramble ramble ramble. This was also quite ridiculously emo. Need to grap a copy of NUTS and get all excited over tits, meat, beer, football and cars. Peace x


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