Shit just got real

October 21, 2009 at 11:13 pm (Musical)

1) Just had our First ‘full’ practise (i.e drums, proper amps etc) since the late Spring. We knew all the songs well enough which was a plus, but the set is still quite short. We’re ditching a couple that were too epic and intense for us really. They were beasts of songs and I’m dead proud of them, but didn’t really suit a band who plays the ‘Tom Hark’ theme tune in between songs and has banter described as ‘Faustino Asprilla in his prime’ (i.e part genius part cringeworthy).

But we laid the foundations for a solid new one which was a perfect balance of the direction we wanted to head in. Still, I’m at Fest, Phil’s in Australia…Ash is somewhere. We won’t be able to fit many rehearsals in! This’ll be interesting…

2) It’s Ruiner, y’know that incredible band from Baltimore, USA. We are SO lucky to be in on this.

3) Our Logo!! We didn’t design it, but I want to keep it forever and ever and ever.


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