October 14, 2009 at 10:23 pm (Lulz)

So good. Numerous lolz have been had at this. I actually have loved it for ages but never knew the right moment to add it here. I can’t decide if it’s funnier than the Bracewar one though which is a bit longer and has a funny expression on one of them.

Integrity are the better band however.

We jammed at Phil’s and got 2 new songs sorta laid out. Simpler than before, which I think is good. Still heavy and aggressive, but hopefully will allow Ash to express himself a bit more vocally and get more singalongs. It was awesome trying to bust out the doomier and experimental stuff but at the same time I didn’t join a band to show off my guitar skillz, simple singalongs are generally more fun to listen to.

Phil was looking after Amy’s cat as well who is a mentalist, hence deciding to post the video now.



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