October 9, 2009 at 8:45 am (Musings on life)

Met the old man for a pint yesterday and felt bad as I wasn’t really in the mood – I just wanted to hit the gym and let out my frustrations rather than get shitfaced with him. That’s always fun, I like the fact that I hang out with my dad often as a mate rather than as a parent. I guess that happens to most guys when they hit 20s and get proper jobs and that. As a teenager the idea of getting drunk with my dad filled me with dread but it’s really not the case anymore.

But we got talking about living and that and for some reason he mentioned the Highbury Square Flats, on the old Arsenal stadium. Fuck me, look at them. That would be the dream.

He mentioned the idea of getting a 2 bed flat which I could live in and he could stay in the spare room when working in London, rather than commuting every day or staying in a hotel. That would suit me – I mean most of the time it’d feel more of a batchelor pad and less like living at home cos he’d only stay when he needed to. But at the same time, having his company would be pretty damn rad too. But obviously, this is something we could never afford and a silly pipe dream.

Sorta made me a bit more annoyed. Bah. Not that I have a problem with my current house, but LOOK AT THE FUCKING AWESOMENESS OF THEM!

Here’s to a boozy weekend ahead!


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