more than just a song…

October 7, 2009 at 9:12 am (Musical)

I’m really getting quite excited about the band getting back together now, particularly with the mindset of ‘let’s not worry about being massively good, let’s just write fun, positive songs we can play well’. It also got me thinking about bands a bit like that, hardcore bands that are more about the fun and good times.

These musings reminded me of how AWESOME Stretch Arm Strong were. What a great band, I miss them. They’re a bit cheesy at times, and have released some pretty bad albums (‘Engage’) but they still mean a fair bit to me. I also like the fact that when not in the band they’re just regular schoolteachers and not trying to be ‘rock stars’.

If you can get one album, I’d say get ‘A Revolution Transmission’, which features the song below. ‘The Rituals of Life’ is also a classic, particularly as it has one of my favourite songs of all time on it (‘For Now’). GOOD TIMES

(if you want to avoid the cliched preachy bit, skip to 00:50)


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