Epic High Five

October 5, 2009 at 9:52 pm (Musings on life)

My blog has been a little too self indulgent of late which must be incredibly boring unless a) you’re me or b) you’re a friend who is very nosey. I sort of want to keep this personal but at the same time would like to try and find fun/amusing things to post on here so that it’s not just an account of my day to day life. THIS POST WILL CHANGE THAT.

But, whilst we’re here….had a bit of a mixed week, Basshunter aside. Work shit and that, and just feeling tired. It got better towards the end of the week and it was concluded by an exceptional weekend. Facedown was good for the first time ever, and visiting the Leeds nonces was incredible. Mills, remind yourself to visit Leeds far more often. I always have fun when I do visit and then I find myself not coming back for Months. It’s a bit of a drive but the banter and general good times is worth it all.

So this negi and posi week really helps reinforce the point of this blog… I’m making it a mission to try and find an awesome high five picture every few days, seeing as high fives are brilliant. If I’m feeling good, it’s to help celebrate the good times. If I’m feeling shit, hopefully finding one awesome enough will help swing my mood.

Not many of these are particularly original but are my favourite so far. The one immediately below will never be beaten however. It was an exceptional random day in which I brought a Pink Pashmina among other things.

Best o’ the rest…

I might have to change it to other things, but based around positive stuff.

And yes, most of it is from the Dillinger Escape Plan thread on PT. Suck it up.


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