I can’t think of a title

September 29, 2009 at 4:15 pm (Lulz, Musical, Musings on life, Sport, Uncategorized)

just wrote a fuck off huge blog fully describing the last few days and realised how fucking boring it must have been to read. So instead I’ll sum up with pics:

Friday, at home with my housemate just discussing our personal lives and what we’re up to – bit of a catch up. It also consisted of a lot of….


2 tickets to Portman Road – £60. Petrol to travel back – £40. Emotional trauma from watching Ipswich get trashed 4-0 – £40 (pints and taxi). Getting to see the stand named after the greatest manager of all time, and have legends from that era parade the FA and UEFA cup around the stadium and be part of a great atmosphere celebrating Sir Bobby – Priceless.

But good Lord we were awful. What was more depressing was how the stadium started emptying at 70 minutes and the painful lack of chants come 4-0 down. I wanted some ironic banter ‘we’re gonna win 5-4’ and that, but no. I guess i need a picture, an awful free header which basically started the downfall. We looked pretty decent up until the first goal, but from then on t’was men against boys.

But yeah, fun night at the pub after catching up with old friends. I did see a friend of an ex who said ‘Alex! You look like a thug now….but you don’t look gay anymore’. Cheers love.


CHILLAX. Drove home eventually for hangouts with Chaddock whilst listening to Fest bands. Really excited now, Small Brown Bike have been added, and slowly I’ve discovered more decent bands I’ll wanna see. OOh poster


Industry showcase type things. Free booze and food.



Here’s to a good week! Leeds this weekend!


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