Finding emo

September 25, 2009 at 2:21 pm (Musical, Musings on life)

Ahaha what a funny pun. I have been feeling fairly emo of late and sort of need to partake in a blend of posi-ing up. It’s nothing major, it’s just one of those periods where you’re feeling a bit down and there’s nothing particularly exciting to look forward to. Even though, technically there is in that The Fest is a few weeks away and the band is back. I guess once both actually happen it’ll be good, sorta having something to focus on, because at the moment they’re just things that are going to happen rather than actually happening, and right now I’m just swinging life away in a pretty dull cycle.

Howev’s, one of the positives is that I’ve been listening to lots of Jimmy Eat World lately, something I often do but more extensively when I either want to cheer myself up OR revel in the feeling glum-ness, which to be fair can be quite a positive thing. It makes the ups in your life feel that much more up, and it’s character building. Some of the lowest points I’ve been at has probably been the most important in terms of me growing as a person. It makes you actively do things to change your situation, it inspires you and it gives you a sense of perspective, and you generally come out stronger. So yeah, I’ve had a long period of just feeling…fine, it’s sort of cool to be feeling a little bit on the wrong side of that. Not that I’m feeling really sad or anything, I’ve got friends in much worse places right now. But I am feeling a wee bit down. It’s hard to explain really.

But yeah, how fucking incredible is this performance? The only possible problem with it is this band just aren’t a middle of the afternoon main stage band. The atmosphere just doesn’t seem there. It’s an incredible, flawless performance that needs to be in a smaller setting, in a darkened room / at nighttime so they can do a spectacular lightshow to compliment the beauty of the song. It’ s a tad frustrating. I remember seeing them at Reading 2007, they’d done ‘the hits’ on the main stage and then headlined the Lock Up tent with material focusing more on ‘Clarity’ and the album tracks from ‘Futures’, all of which is pretty much my favourite material of theirs. When this song came on….just wow. Life affirming really. It’s become a staple part of the set now (along with ‘Hear You Me’, my other favourite song) but it doesn’t make it any less special.



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