Bleedin ‘Eck

September 24, 2009 at 2:27 pm (Musical, Musings on life)

So much to get bloody excited about!

First off, they’re opening a Central Perk in Carnaby Street. That’s massively cheesy but I don’t care, that would be so much fun to go to. Sure, we could get pissed at yet another boring rock club, OR we could do something a bit different and get coffee at a ‘Friends’ themed cafe. Seems the reaction hasn’t been to overwhelming. Ah well.

How’s about this:

I mean, I have seen Hot Water Music before but it was promoting ‘The New What Next’ so it wasn’t as amazing. And, I may have to say this quietly to avoid a beating, but I actually enjoyed The Explosion a bit more. Well, on performance alone. The crowd reaction to HWM was incredible. It was also my first Milloy experience. That was a fun gig, but as I was blissfully unaware the band would be splitting, this will clearly be better, particularly given the supports.

We’re thinking either Berlin or Hamburg. I’m happy to go with the crowd, BUT if I could come up with a perfect scenario it would be Hamburg, stay maybe 2-3 nights and see the city, and in particular

If you’re not familiar, they’re a lower league (2nd/3rd tier) German football team but are amazing. You may have seen various bands wear the t shirt or cap. They’re in short, a ‘punk’ football team with mental fans and a terriffic, party atmosphere, with a great tradition and embody what’s special about the game. We may not get to see a match, but just the area would be rad. We’ll see.

It also turns out I had planned to visit Leeds on the first weekend in October for a new night at the Cockpit called ‘Pinky Swear’, a pop-punk and melodic hardcore night. Like, proper pop-punk, not Cute Is What We Aim For mincyness but decent pop punk. It looks great. It turns out it’s the same weekend as Bring It On Fest in Leeds, where various rad bands are playing the Packhorse, Brudenell and others. That sounds like a grand weekend.

This weekend sees Ipswich v Newcastle, where we’ll unveil the Sir Bobby Robson stand. It’ll be a hugely emotional spectacle. It’s just a shame we will be absolutely destroyed. It’s so frustrating supporting Ipswich, obviously I don’t expect glory but we’ve had nearly a decade in the wilderness after we had such solid foundations layed around 1999-2001 and it went tits up. Ah well, still proud, and happy to support a shit side.



  1. Phil said,

    I read about the friends café this morning…. im gonna go visit this VERY soon dude. We should make it a band meeting place for something.

  2. millsymillsy said,

    Apparently it’s only open til 6pm. Ridiculous! But could make it a lunchbreak or something.

    I hope Ash doesn’t hate Friends. Though if he does we could just quote friends all day and make him suffer

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