“Form a band – Make a fanzine – Write a letter – Have a real conversation – The possibilities are endless”

September 20, 2009 at 10:18 pm (Musical)

Hah, two blogs in a day. I felt this point warranted its own separate blog.

Namely – The Steal. Myself and some friends were discussing just how special this band was over Burritos yesterday and it hit home how much they’ll be missed. They played their final show on Friday and it was truly a momentous occasion. On the one hand, it was desperately sad to see them go, but at the same time it was incredibly uplifting to see everyones’ reaction to the band and witness first hand just how much they meant to so many good friends. I haven’t seen as much posi vibes at a show for a long, long time and it felt like one huge party.

I honestly think all the poseur or macho types at metal/hardcore gigs at London clubs/shows would become much better people if they listened to The Steal and ‘got’ what they were about. There’s far to much bullshit in punk and hardcore at the moment and The Steal for me represented everything good about the genre, and I really wish more gigs these days had that sort of positive and fun, without becoming silly sort of feel about it. Thankfully, I think Our Time Down Here will become very worthy torch bearers. They keep getting better and the new album I’m sure will be mind blowing.

This is from Chaddock’s blog Strike A Chord which I’ll try and link when I figure out how. RIP The Steal



  1. byronchenko said,

    I never really got into The Steal, not my cup of tea unfortunately.

    Also, to put a link, you need to highlight the text and go to the little icon (between title and the body of text?) that’s sixth from the right, it’ll only appear clickable when you highlight something, hovering over will bring up ‘insert/edit link’ click it, put the link you want in, and you’re sorted!

  2. millsymillsy said,

    Do you mean a link in the body of a blog, or at the side? As I think I’ve linked it at the side of the blog.

    This could be quite fun. Do any other the other Leeds nonces have one?

  3. byronchenko said,

    Didn’t see you’d done the side, you can make it so the text is a link too. I do that all the time.

    Dan/Arwell have, they’re on the side of my blog bit. I don’t think anyone else has.

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